Action Plan

Your Action Plan

To acquaint you with our programme more, we suggest that you should pay your attention to the standard action plan in case you've decided to take a course of studies in our education center.

1. Application Form

First, you need to fill in an application form on our website Your personal information is necessary for the contract with the Educational Center Association, for preparing the documents for the university and for the Embassy. Please, be attentive while filling in the application form since all the documents will be completed according to the information provided by you.

Direct reference to the application form:

Terms: December-January-February

2. Signing of the Contract

If you work with us directly, the electronic version of the contract will be sent to you for the sake of its faster signing. We send the contract to your email address; you read it thoroughly and send us the signed scanned copy. In reply, we send you the scanned copy signed on our part and the VAT invoice.

If you work with our regional representative, the procedure of signing the contract is held in the office of our regional representative.

Terms: after filling in the application form (December-January-February)

3. Service Payment

Along with the contract, we send you the VAT invoice for our course payment, which has to be made within 10 days. After the receiving the proof, that the whole payment or its part have been placed to our account, we start preparing all necessary documents to apply for the student`s visa and send you all the documents in the most acceptable way. To speed up the process, you have to send us the scanned copy of the payment receipt after the payment.

If you cooperate with the partner of The EC Association, at this stage you pay both for the services of our partner and for our programme.

Terms: January-February

4. Processing Documents

We provide our students with such documents:

  1. Application forms for the visa and instructions on how to fill them in (are sent in the electronic form)
  2. Invitation to the Czech Republic aiming to get a long-term permission to stay for the purpose of studies or the long-term student`s visa.
  3. Confirmation of accommodation.
  4. Medical insurance from the Czech insurance company (is paid separately upon arrival to the Czech Republic (100-400 Euros, the price may vary according to the insurance)

Terms: from two weeks to a month after paying for the course. In case of the late applying to the consulate, two weeks before submitting the documents to the consulate.

Documents that ought to be prepared by you or in cooperation with our regional representative (this needs to be done primarily!)

  1. If the student hasn’t turned 18 yet, the document confirming parental permission on the departure for the temporary residence abroad is compulsory. This permission is processed by the notary and should be done in the presence of both parents (the absence of one of the parents should be confirmed by the documents. This document should also be translated into the Czech language). The permission must not be valid longer than 180 days at the moment of document submission! (the students who have entered the programme «secondary education» should have the proxy on our curator)
  • A notary or legal translator should translate the permission into the Czech language. Such translation can also be done at the Consulate of the Czech Republic, but you need to make an appointment at the consulate in advance.
  1. Health insurance, which equals 60000 Euro and the Visa Term (that is why just after receiving the verdict about visa check its terms) The employees of the centre can make health insurance and send it by mail. The price of the insurance is from 100to400 Euros (the price may vary depending on the kind of the insurance);
  2. Colour photos 3.5x4.5 cm:
  3. The document, which is necessary for going abroad. For the citizens of Russia and Ukraine it is an international passport. In Belarus this function is performed by a usual passport if it has «A stamp confirming the right to go to all countries of the world» on page 29. For the citizens of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and some other states, exit visa is necessary;

In the passport there must be enough blank pages for visa. The pages in the part Other Notes do not suit visas. The passport must be valid for at least 11 months from the day of submitting.

  1. The Certificate is confirming no criminal record on the territory of the permanent residence. This document is executed by the Department of Internal Affairs in the place of the student`s permanent residence. For the residents of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan and Israel, it is obligatory to affix the apostille.

The confirmation should be translated into the Czech language by a notary or legal translator. Such translation can be done at the consulate of the Czech Republic too, but you need to make an appointment with the consulate in advance. The official document is valid for 180 days.

The consulate can also demand Certificate confirming no criminal record on the territory of the country where the student has lived more than 6 months for the last 3 years (children under the age of 15 don’t need to have the Certificate confirming no criminal record).

  1. The confirmation of having the necessary sum of money. The consulate of the Czech Republic demands to confirm the fact that the student possesses the sum of money enough for staying in the country during the chosen period. The necessary sum is 120000 CZK (which is equal to about 5000 Euros). The confirmation from the bank is made as follows:
  • It is important to get the confirmation from the bank that the student has a bank account where there is the mentioned above sum of money (if the student is under the age of 18, the account can be opened on one of the parents and a student needs to have a credit card on this account issued to his/her name and it should be registered in the bank reference.
  • The document should be translated notarially and legally into the Czech language. Such translation can be made at the Consulate of the Czech Republic, for doing this, you need to apply to the Consulate in advance.
  • What is more, beside the confirmation, the consulate demands an original or a copy (the usual paper copy made with the help of the copying machine) of the front part of the international payment card issued in the student`s name. The card can be issued by any bank, the system must be as follows: VISA, American Express, Euro Card / MasterCard, VISA Electron, MAESTRO, CIRRUS, Dinners Club (the fact that the student has a card to this account should be fixed in the bank reference – no matter which name the bank account was opened on).
  • The confirmation must not be valid longer than 180 days at the moment of documents submission!

Important: sometimes there are cases when some time later they send a letter asking to show money transfer on the account during the last few months. So, try to keep money in your account as long as possible in case you are asked to bring a new bank reference or its copy.

  1. An envelope with a stamp and your home address.
  2. Consular fee of 92 Euros (2500CZK) – students entering the programmes of state universities have the right not to pay this fee, but they should have the money to be on the safe side.
  3. Visa application form.
  4. Copies of the mentioned above documents + translation of these documents (but for the application form) – are made on the usual copying machine, without notarization

All the documents ought to be divided into two “piles”-the folder with the originals (bank reference, no criminal record certificate, the residence confirmation, education certificate, bank card, passport, departure permission) and the other folder with the copies of these documents. There must be two copies of the passport. Put the contract with us into the third file-usually, you don`t have to show it, but if you are asked, you will always be able to show it. Do not forget to take the internal passport (make the copies of all important pages).

Only the documents with the limitation period no longer than 180 days are submitted. After you have settled out the terms of preparing the documents, you should apply for an appointment at the consulate. You can do it on the Internet on the special site The nearer the summer is, the more difficult it is to apply for an appointment, so the ideal time for applying is February or March. The dates appear in the visapoint.ea.a month before your appointment.

5. Getting A Visa To The Czech Republic.

Getting a long-term residence permit with the aim of the studies before the arrival in the Czech Republic or getting a long-term student`s visa.

  • When you submit your documents to the consulate, it is possible that you will have an interview with the employees of the consular department. That is why pay special attention to the preparation. Intensive preparation starts two weeks before applying and consists of some stages: sending papers, the first meeting, test and the final meeting.

If you apply for a long-term residence permit with the aim of getting an education, the consulate employees can hold the interview in the Czech language. Those, who don`t speak this language, should invite an interpreter.

  • The term of studying the documents is about 60 days.

While the decision about the visa is being taken, it is important not to forget about preparing the documents for nostrification.

  1. The copy of the Secondary School Certificate (with the appendix), as soon as it`s received; it is necessary for the school leavers and those who want to get the Bachelor`s Degree at the university. Those who continue their education (want to get a Master`s Degree) need to have the copy of their diploma about getting the Bachelor`s Degree with the appendix. The copies must be confirmed legally;
  2. If at the moment of submitting documents the applicant is younger than 18 years old or older, but doesn’t live in the Czech Republic, he/she must make a proxy to acknowledge the school leaving certificate in the Czech Republic. The proxy is issued in the name of our employee in the Czech Republic from the name of one of the parents or the students themselves, if they are older than 18 years old.
  3. You need to have a school record with the list of the subjects you studied, the number of academic hours of these subjects during the last three years of schooling.
  4. For the residents of some countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaidzhan) the school certificate is to have an apostille. This is a special certification, which is made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by the Ministry of Education of the state where the school or the university is located. It is certificated by the corresponding authorities of The Czech republic.
  5. All the documents should be translated into the Czech language; the accuracy of the translation should be certificated by the Czech lawyer! (we recommend doing all the translations in the Czech Republic)

If the educational system doesn’t correspond with the Czech one, the applicant will have the nostrification test. The decision about the nostrification is taken within 1-2 months.

Apart from the Czech language studies, students are expected to have:

1st week – the beginning of the adaptation, meeting at the place of arrival, checking-in at the hotel, SIM card activation, the city tour, the official beginning of the academic year

1st month – studies, the beginning of the nostrification period. Diagnostic test to find the level of preparation for studying at the chosen university. The beginning of the process of looking for the new accommodation for those who do not want to live in the dormitory

2nd – 3rd months – the beginning of the additional courses, excursions to the universities

Approximately, from 20.12 to 13.01 winter holidays. If students want, they may continue training in the courses.

4th – 5th months- Choosing the university and applying for the university

From 4th until the middle of the 5th month - submitting documents for extension of the visa

From 4th until 8th month – preparation for entering the university

8th month – the Czech language test

9th month – entrance exams 

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